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17 Oct 2014

Sinus headache is a problem occurring when the mucous membrane of the cavity get inflamed in the face. If the patient is suffering from such problem, he/she will be undergoing a deep pain either in head or face. If the head is moved physically such as bending down or leaning over, the pain gets increased. The pain will be in peak level during morning hours once the patient gets from bed and it subsides gently by afternoon. And quite often, the pain will start when the individual gets heavy cold. So, it is necessary to consult a doctor at non profit organization in Chennai and get treatment. Traditional treatments for the problem usually involve ayurvedic medicines and in some acute cases, surgery will be carried out. Recent studies have revealed that acupuncture come as an effective remedy for the dilemma. There are many centers available in the cities so taking sinus headache treatment in Chennai by adopting acupuncture method will be a great remedy.   

Acupuncture is one of the ancient and most used holistic medical practices around the globe. The word stands for different procedures that engage stimulation of anatomical parts on the body by adopting various methods. The most popular and effective method is by inserting thin metal needles at the acupuncture spot. Either bare hands are used or electric signals are used in these needles for manipulation. Injecting drugs or medical substances would be completely avoided in this procedure. No pain will be felt by the sufferers and also at the time of inserting the needle into the body. This is the way acupuncture helps in relieving the pain. As per the modern science, it is said that this process brings biochemical changes in the blood serum to alleviate serotonin, a major chemical that acts as a messenger between brain and spinal cord and helps in encouraging the endorphins release to reduce the ache. Endorphin is nothing than the pain killer that is been produced in the body naturally. Further, it activates parasympathetic nervous system to reduce muscle tension, stress, anxiety. Additionally, it also endorses cerebral circulation paving way for proper supply of nutrients and oxygenated blood to the affected regions.      

The physicians will describe to take Acupuncture only after diagnosing the patient’s medical condition properly.  If decided to take such treatment, one have to find a professional acupuncturist in and around their locality or outside. For detailed list of acupuncturist, one can collect it from local acupuncture association.


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